With over 21 years of experience in architectural photography, video and 360 tours, Tory Taglio Media offers more than just stunning photography.

With an intimate knowledge of commercial and residential architecture, luxury real estate and the hospitality industry, he excels at commercial architectural photography projects and captures the essence of a location with the appropriate tools for the target audience. Whether the best approach for a given project is dramatic photographs or a cinematic film or both, Tory Taglio Media can offer a single outstanding solution.

For instance, Architects may need an illustrative approach to imagery that conveys their vision, while a resort or hotel may be marketing to the ideal visions of each of their guests using video as well as photography. 

"Why do I offer media and not just photography? Today, marketing content is migrating from the printed page to our handheld screens more and more with each generation." 

"My challenge is to tailor my media creation to each of my clients' individual needs and unique story, and to use all of the tools available to me. While in the past, different genres of photography required separate approaches and unique tools, today your competition is using more media and new forms of media every year. Just photography or just video alone may have been enough in the past, but  today the content creator must employ photography, video or even 360 vr video to tell every story. In the age where print is quickly taking a back seat to Instagram, YouTube and Facebook and new electronic ecosystems competing for your clients attention, you need to market your business with more than just a slick portfolio of still images." 

Tory has a simple and professional workflow to make the process of acquiring exceptional imagery, straightforward and efficient. Relaxed and easy to work with yet professional and dedicated to excellence.  Lets discuss your media needs and tailor an approach that provides for all of you marketing needs for todays audience. I look forward to it!