Resort and Hotel Video Promotion
Hotels and Destination Resorts have become more than just lodging, today they represent escapism. A time when your guests can experience their own fantasy life.  With world class restaurants, luxurious spas and high-end retail shops all within an idyllic setting such as a beach, or ski resort or even a elegant metropolitan city.  Destination Resorts offer services ranging from ski equipment rental or  golf lessons in an effort to establish a unique identity and increase the potential yield from each guest visit. This mix of amenities and services is a foundation of each Hotels brand identity. The promotion of these services is important to a hotel’s overall success.

Resorts are constantly looking for ways to not only entice guests to book with them but to also encourage guests to enjoy the amenities and purchase services once they are there. One of the most effective marketing tools available to communicate the uniqueness of a Hotel while promoting the amenities and services that are available is through video content. Video is tells the story in an emotional and vivid way and allows for distribution via social media where video enjoys a priority over stills or text driven campaigns. 

Video can be used in multiple settings from online marketing to informative kiosks in room or on property and delivery directly to guests inbox or page feed for post-stay follow up and return engagement marketing. Video is the here and now. Let us create the content that will tell your story everywhere.