Tory Taglio provides corporate photography for use in corporate image development, corporate image libraries, annual reports,  marketing collateral, web site content and branding campaigns.

Tory works to provide images that you want, every time. He understands what a business leader symbolizes and what your story needs to communicate, so the images reflect the company narrative. Tory provides deliverables on deadline and has experience in collaborating with art directors, communications professionals and creatives who are seeking the right corporate photographer for their design projects, branding concepts, or annual reports.

Tory has a simple and professional workflow to make the process of acquiring exceptional imagery, straightforward and efficient.

Here is how it works. Upon signing an estimate/work agreement we will go into planning and follow up with a set up expectations and scheduling coordination. When the shooting is done we then upload images to a web site for the client review. After image selection is made our office will do final processing on the images and delivery is made via Dropbox or DVD. Give us a call today and let's get started!